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Wedding Venues

The Exquisite Candler Hotel Atlanta Wedding Venue in GA!

The Candler Hotel is an Atlanta icon with a rich history and a lot of personality. In fact, the interior of the building is so ornate and opulent it’s almost whimsical! Today, The Candler Hotel is known as The Candler Hotel Atlanta Curio Collection by Hilton, and it has transformed from a turn-of-the-century place of business into a luxurious, one-of-a-kind hotel with grandeur, sophistication, and style. It’s also a fabulous place to host an epic event. 

If you’re searching for the perfect iconic Atlanta venue for your “I do’s,” you should definitely consider a Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding

A groom leads his bride up a marble staircase at a Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding

About The Candler Hotel Atlanta Wedding Venue

The Candler Hotel has been an icon of Atlanta for more than 100 years. Constructed in 1904, it was the brainchild and passion project of local businessman Asa Candler, who rose to fame as the founder of the Coca-Cola empire. He had long fostered a desire to build a magnificent building in downtown Atlanta representing all of his illustrious personal achievements, so he purchased a unique triangular lot downtown for what would easily equate to $4.5 million today. 

The builders brought massive quantities of stunning Amicolola marble for the hotel and hired gifted artisans to sculpt the incredible array of ornate wall decorations that can still be seen throughout the building today. Candler even hired the American Bridge Company to create the structure’s towering 17-story frame. The hotel’s interior displayed busts of historical intellections like William Shakespeare and Michelangelo. 

The Candler Hotel quickly became popular for the city’s leading professionals to acquire office space. Eventually, Hilton purchased it and transformed it into luxury hotel accommodations. While it is now addressed as The Candler Hotel Atlanta Curio Collection by Hilton, it still maintains the original extravagance and creativity of Asa Candler’s original vision.  

A bride in a silk white dress sits on a chair  looking out a window

Details of the Grounds

A wedding at The Candler Hotel allows couples to celebrate their marriage in one of Atlanta’s most iconic skyscrapers while still affording them all the modern luxuries and amenities of a 21st-century event. While the hotel’s original charm and bold architectural features still prevail in spaces like its famed lobby, many of its actual event spaces have been renovated with a sleek, modern elegance that contemporary couples would expect from a premier hotel wedding venue. 

A bride looks over her shoulder while walking up a marble staircase with at Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding

The Heritage Ballroom & More

The Heritage Ballroom is a beautiful event space for up to 150 guests for ceremonies and receptions. The ballroom is their largest event space by far, so larger events with guest lists over 32 would need to be flipped from your ceremony to your reception during cocktail hour (an excellent reason for hiring a wedding coordinator who can help make the magic happen!) Plenty of smaller, more intimate meeting spaces at The Candler Hotel can be ideal for intimate dinner parties or Micro Weddings. However, they are not as grandly decorated as the Heritage Ballroom. 

The Heritage Ballroom has a bold, contemporary feel with a vibrant carpet, a modern ceiling with sleek and unique light fixtures, and dark, dramatic draperies for a moody look. Of course, you can leave the drapes pulled open to let in a little natural light for a beautiful daylight glow! It’s a room with a distinct personality reflective of the era of The Candler Hotel but without all the sculpted opulence of its famous lobby. 

Another perk to hosting your wedding at The Candler Hotel is that guests can stay onsite in one of their 265 gorgeous guest rooms, thoughtfully designed to be artistic, modern, and comfortable. With all the amenities anyone could need for a relaxing stay, visitors get all of the perks of a sophisticated luxury hotel and the fun of staying in one of Atlanta’s most historic and iconic buildings! 

A bride looks over her shoulder while walking up a marble staircase with at Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding

Photography Opportunities

The Candler Hotel’s lobby comes to mind first, with its spectacular sculpted carvings inlaid into grand marble staircases. With dramatic crystal chandeliers, Corinthian pillars, and golden accents, it’s a unique backdrop for glamorous bridal portraits that will make you look like you’ve stepped out of a different era. The grand staircases are also perfect for intimate couple portraits that show off the back of your dress with style. 

The entrance to The Candler Hotel has similarly styled carvings, vintage light fixtures, and grand golden doors that are perfect for pictures. The exterior of the building also has manicured shrubs and wrought iron gates that lend themselves to sophisticated and stately shots. 

We can get creative inside the hotel, depending on the photos you want. We can cozy up to the chic and stylish bar for more editorial-type shots or make yourselves cozy on the contemporary furniture in the lobby. Additionally, we can sneak into the ballroom before guests arrive to capture pictures of you and your partner amidst your unique, stylish décor for truly unique photos representing your beautifully planned event. 

We’re also right in downtown Atlanta, so we can build in time to wander the city for unique urban photo opportunities. If you’re looking for vibrant outdoor shots with trees and greenery, this will work best. 

Details of a groom's shoes and wedding detailsDetails of a single tier wedding cake with white roses and gold utensils

Wedding Details

The events team at The Candler Hotel Atlanta Curio Collection by Hilton knows your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. While the hotel has its own distinct aesthetic, it’ll work hard to ensure that your personality, taste, and preferences create a day that feels totally unique to you and your partner. You can expect first-class hospitality and service throughout your wedding day, elevating the experience to the next level. 

NEwlyweds pop champagne at the front entrance of a Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding

The hotel’s in-house restaurant will help you create a customized menu you and your guests will love. After all, it’s your first meal as a married couple, so it should be extraordinarily delicious! They’ll also help you curate wine pairings for a more refined experience. 

A wedding at The Candler Hotel offers all-inclusive packages, bar services, preparation rooms for both you and your partner, and a complete event setup. They’ll also make sure you have all the chairs and tables you need, beautiful centerpieces, and even a babysitting service for guests with little ones. 

A bride stands in a window in her white dress and long veil

Candler Hotel Atlanta Wedding

The Candler Hotel Atlanta wedding venue is an exquisite, historic, and remarkable place to host an unforgettable wedding. If you’ve never been, be sure to stop by and visit for dinner in their exceptional restaurant or just to experience the glamor and grandeur of the lobby. It’s a great adventure for any Atlanta couple and an even better place for a stylish wedding.

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