Kim Hymes Photography is a documentary wedding photographer rooted in Atlanta and travels to destinations around the world.

Discovering  KIM

Kim Hymes' path to photography wasn't a straight line, but kind of a beautiful twist of fate. As a teacher, she nurtured young minds, and as a mother of four, her world revolved around fostering connections. In witnessing the magic of a special moment at her daughter's senior portraits, her passion was ignited.

This journey wasn't without its challenges. Caring for her grandfather profoundly impacted her perspective on the preciousness of time and life's fleeting nature.  It was during this time that her appreciation for capturing sterling moments and preserving memories was deepend. 

This experience profoundly influences Kim's approach on a wedding day. As an Atlanta wedding photographer, she's drawn to couples who prioritize family and creating a joyful and authentic celebration. Kim comes alive through every new culture, tradition and destination that each wedding takes her to. Her goal is that her photography embodies the raw emotions, genuine interactions and beauty that unfolds naturally throughout the day, all while making sure everyone feels at ease. 

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