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Newlyweds stand in an alcove leaning on a marble statue at the Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue


Everything to Expect From a Luxurious Vizcaya Museum Wedding

Picture this. On the day of your wedding, you slide into the leather backseat of a vintage car and are swept off to a manor settled alongside the waterfront. After you pass through the iron gates of the Vizcaya Museum wedding venue, you get out of the car, wander through the meticulously maintained gardens and ancient trees, and into a courtyard. From the second you enter, a crowd filled with the people you love the most rises with all eyes on you. 

As a Miami wedding photographer, I have worked with countless couples trying to recreate this exact situation, but few venues do it like the Vizcaya Museum. If you are looking for a venue that will go above and beyond for your day, I would love to tell you what to expect from a Vizcaya Museum wedding. 

Newlyweds stand in the window of the Vizcaya Museum Wedding gazebo on the water A bride plays with her dress on limestone steps A bride sits in a gold chair on a patio under a colorful and vibrant floral arch Details of the ornate windows on an old wedding venue

About The Vizcaya Museum Wedding Venue

3241 South Miami Ave, Miami, Florida 33129

Originally known as Villa Vizcaya, Vizcaya Museum was always meant to stun and awe its visitors. The mansion was built in the early 20th century as an estate for businessman James Deering. The architects used Renaissance influences and borrowed Tuscan styles as they designed the house. The result was a deeply breathtaking manor that incorporated the surrounding forests and ecology. 

While the decades have changed the property ownership, the manor itself has changed very little. There are more than seventy rooms that are filled with antiques and priceless artwork. There have been efforts to restore the heritage gardens to their former glory following several hurricanes, and significant work has been done to protect the lands from future potential disasters. The museum has been used in pop culture pieces, including Iron Man 3, Days of Our Lives, and Money Pit. It has also become a beloved spot for luxury events. The team goes above and beyond to ensure each celebration is a dream, and your wedding will be no exception.  

Details of a limestone garden wall archway Details of the ornate gardens at a wedding venue A groom leans on a limestone railing with his groomsmen Newlyweds look out over the water on the limestone patio of their ornate wedding venue A view of the Vizcaya Museum Wedding ceremony gazebo and bridge

Details of the Grounds

The Vizcaya Museum is outdoors-only and will allow you to use the gardens for your wedding day. You will be able to work with the venue to find the perfect spot for this portion of your day. Many couples choose to use the entrance of the manor with the estate itself as their backdrop. With this option, you can fully embrace your surroundings and get some pretty legendary pictures in the process. If you are looking for something a little more subdued, you can use the Garden Mound area with the Casino as your backdrop as you exchange vows. 

For your reception, you will have several ideal spots. The East Terrace tends to be a favorite. Here, your guests will have plenty of space to move around and explore the grounds as they wish. You can also use areas within the courtyard for parties with less than 100 guests. Just note that the venue does require that you use an event tent for celebrations with more than 100 guests. The venue specializes in smaller weddings, but they are able to accommodate parties with over 300 guests. 

The Main House Courtyard will be your perfect place for a cocktail hour. Here, your guests will be in the midst of the gardens and will have the ability to grab a drink while admiring their lush surroundings. 

Details of the ornate pink floral arches in the Vizcaya Museum Wedding ceremony gazebo on the water Details of a bride's pink and orange bouquet in her hand Newlyweds share an intimate moment while holding the colorful bouquet at their Vizcaya Museum Wedding A bride leans on a limestone handrail with an arm over her head Details of an ornate wedding reception table set up with pink florals and candles

Even More Spaces For Your Dream Vizcaya Museum Wedding

Vizcaya does not provide you with dressing rooms that you can use prior to your celebration. My recommendation is to rent out a few rooms in a nearby hotel for the weekend. With this option, you will be able to wake up, be pampered, and have a space where you can crash after the party is over. If you’re looking for options, the Ritz Carlton or the Mayfair House will work beautifully. 

The manor construction used limestone so it will last a long time through Florida’s weather. Three stories tower over the property with arched doorways leading into the entrance. Trees have been strategically planted throughout the grounds, and there are shrub mazes that run throughout the property. The courtyard has columns that hold up arched entryways, and the walls are the palest shade of blush pink. There are blue and gold curtains as well as palm trees surrounding the space. 

You will find fountains and stone animals incorporated into the architecture. The Casino inside the Garden Mound continues with the theme, and you will be able to access it throughout your day. The interior features a ceiling that was painted by Paul Thevanez and inlaid with an original painting by Gianbattista Tiepolo. 

Details of an ornate wedding reception table set up with pink florals and candles A view of a wedding reception table sitting on the limestone patio on the water at a Vizcaya Museum Wedding Details of a Vizcaya Museum Wedding reception table set up with pink floral centerpieces outdoors on the patio A bride walks on the windy patio of the Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue A bride walks down the steps to the Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue gardens

Photography Opportunities

The Vizcaya Museum wedding venue has so many great spaces that you can use for your couple’s portraits. The iron gates leading into the entrance are your best place for a first-look picture. You can also use the courtyard for this portion. There are grand stone staircases, fountain backdrops, and waterfront views. You can also use the interior of the Casino for your portraits together. The East Terrace and the Gardens will be the ideal spot for group and family portraits. 

A bride stands in her ornate dress during her Vizcaya Museum Wedding Newlyweds stand in an alcove leaning on a marble statue at the Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue A bride in a tule dress leans back while sitting on the limestone steps of the Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue A groom holds his lapels while standing against the limestone walls in the garden A bride smiles down her shoulder while exploring the gardens of the Vizcaya Museum Wedding

Wedding Details

While Vizcaya Museum is solely here for the backdrop, they provide you with a list of vendors that you can use throughout your wedding day. The venue has worked hard to curate a list with caterers, rental services, and decor experts to help you throughout your day. These professionals are committed to maintaining the historic property while following all of their policies. 

The venue allows smaller ceremonies throughout the day and sets the nights aside for larger parties. There is a parking lot with 125 spaces located 300 feet away from the Main House. They have a 200 amp phase tie-in for live bands or DJs. There are bathrooms in the Main House that your guests will be able to use throughout your event. 

A view in the waterfront Vizcaya Museum Wedding venue ceremony gazebo A bride leans on a limestone ledge with her colorful bouquet in a flowing tule gown A look at an outdoor reception table set up with ornate blue linen at a Vizcaya Museum Wedding

You Will Absolutely Love Celebrating Your Day At The Vizcaya Museum Wedding Venue

If you are looking for your dream Miami estate venue, look no further than a Vizcaya Museum Wedding. This breathtaking manor will serve as a magical backdrop that you can make your own. And if you need some help capturing all the details from your day, I would love to have a conversation! I am a Miami wedding photographer, and I adore working with couples to document every aspect of their day. I would love to sit down and have a conversation sometime so you can decide if I’m lucky enough to help you celebrate your event.

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