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Newlyweds sit together on modern stairs at their Epicurian Atlanta wedding


Epicurean Atlanta: A Perfect Location for Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of your life. There is a chance you’ve waited a long time for that ring, and now that it’s on your finger, all you can focus on is planning your wedding. With so much happening, it can be difficult to settle down and just find time to enjoy being engaged. By scheduling your engagement portrait session at Epicurean Atlanta, you’re not just finding something to slap on your save-the-date card; you are setting the vibe of your wedding while telling the story of your relationship.

As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I adore working with couples to help them find the perfect place for their engagement session. If you’re looking for a foodie paradise right here in the heart of the city, let me tell you why I think an Epicurean Atlanta session might be the best option for you! 

A bride leans on her groom as they stand on a metro street Details of a bride holding a glass of wine A bride and groom stand together while gazing out a window in black and white

About Epicurean Atlanta

1117 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Epicurean Atlanta is a hotel that is owned by Marriott Bonvoy. The name is an ode to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who once said, “Pleasure is the Greatest Good.” The hotel lives up to this belief by marrying divine cuisine with unforgettable experiences. There are three restaurants, including the renowned Reverence. The fitness center uses Matrix performance equipment, and the rooftop pool has climate-controlled cabanas with your own private butler services.

The 178 rooms have comfortable yet stylish furnishings. There is also a sky terrace where you can enjoy the city while having a quick escape from the balmy Atlanta weather. Whether you’re traveling from abroad or just need a weekend getaway, this hotel has everything you need to have a truly unforgettable time. 

Details of newlyweds holding hands in black and white Newlyweds share a dance inside A groom kisses the hand of his bride as they snuggle in black and white

Incredible Photography Opportunities

My favorite thing about Epicurean Atlanta is how it provides you with so many spots for your engagement session. Here are some of my favorite spots: 

Epicurean Atlanta is a modern building with a sleek exterior. The tiered glass towers are high above the city of Atlanta, and the sidewalks and staircase are kept pristine. This area is the perfect way to capture classic city vibes while incorporating the iconic backdrop of the hotel. Just down the front steps of Reverence, you can find angles that show off the different skyscrapers as well as the city lights and iron street lamps. Not only can you get pictures holding hands down the street, but you can also work in plenty of grand and romantic kisses. This area becomes particularly magical as the sun starts to set. 

A groom walks with his bride holding hands outside the front entrance of the Epicurian Atlanta at sunset A bride sits on an Epicurian Atlanta bar hugging onto her groom A bride smiles over her shoulder while walking through a garden holding hands with her groom

The Epicurean Atlanta Sky Terrace

This is the ideal spot to get outdoor pictures while planning a small escape from the city. While you will still have views of the downtown in your backdrop, you’ll also find plenty of greenery. The ground here is covered by a turf that stays green all year long without ever looking fake. There are real trees and shrubs that have been planted along the border to add in a little extra life. Once again, this Epicurean Atlanta spot becomes magical as the sun begins to set.

Because it is contained within the hotel, you’ll have a bit more privacy than you might get while walking down the streets. After you are done with the green itself, you can make your way along the path leading toward the back of the hotel. This is a fabulous way to get pictures of you walking toward the camera or getting lost in conversation while walking with your back to your photographer. 

The Sky Terrace is settled on a rooftop with a resort-style pool. The balcony surrounding it gives you an elegant spot where you can take pictures together overlooking the city. There is furniture placed around the grounds that you can utilize if you’d like. I personally love using the steps leading around the balcony’s walkways for portraits. While you’ll get the urban concrete, you won’t have to worry about too many crowds. Plus, you’ll have a backdrop that never distracts your viewers from the stars of the show! 

A groom dips and kisses his bride on a rooftop terrace at sunset Newlyweds walk holding hands on the terrace at Epicurian Atlanta Newlyweds embrace and smile during their wedding on a terrace at Epicurian Atlanta

Stunning Indoor Photo Spots

Epicurean Atlanta has forged a reputation for their exceptional restaurants, so why not show them off? You can grab a glass of champagne from the bar and get some pictures toasting to the future. Hop on the marble bar and sneak in a quick kiss (after you ask permission from the restaurant, of course!). You can also reserve a table and take some pictures with the windows overlooking the city as your backdrop. I have personally found the hotel to be very accommodating to restaurant photo sessions. 

This sleek hotel is full of gorgeous nooks and crannies you can use for your pictures. The staircase overlooking the lobby will give you a pretty legendary picture with a luxurious backdrop. I also personally love using the hotel elevator for this portion. By getting a picture kissing while the doors are closing, you’ll have pictures that are as sexy as they are romantic. 

Newlyweds sit together on modern stairs at their Epicurian Atlanta wedding Newlyweds kiss in an elevator at their wedding at the Epicurian Atlanta A groom leads his bride up a set up stairs by the hand during their wedding at the Epicurian Atlanta

Special Details to Know

Before you use Epicurean Atlanta for your engagement session, you will need to reach out to them and ask permission. You will also need to disclose your photographer and let them know what day and time you will be taking pictures. Once you give them all the necessary information, you should be good to go!

The hotel does have pretty strict rules against pets, meaning you will not be able to include your dog in your session. If you would prefer some pictures with your pup, you can arrange pick-up and drop-off with a friend. That way, you can have some pet pictures in front of the hotel while ensuring you aren’t breaking any rules. Personally, I recommend booking a room for your session. You will get additional access to the rest of the hotel and will have an excuse for a staycation. 

You Will Absolutely Love Celebrating Your Love At Epicurean Atlanta

Your engagement is worthy of the best celebration! By booking your photo session in a space like the Epicurean Atlanta, you’ll have a refined spot that will match your vibe and set the mood for your ceremony. If you are still searching for your photographer, I would love to connect. As the premier wedding photographer in Atlanta, I adore working with couples so they can make the most out of this season. Let’s chat soon if you’re interested in making some memories.

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