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A groom in a grey suit leads his bride by the hand up stone steps at the iron manor wedding venue

Wedding Venues

The Luxurious Iron Manor Wedding Venue in Montgomery, TX

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty on their wedding day – but that doesn’t mean you have to commit to getting married in a dusty old castle to make your dreams come true. The Iron Manor wedding venue in Montgomery, Texas (just outside Houston) is a beautiful luxury event space that will make your wedding look like something straight out of a fairy tale. With a few contemporary and industrial features up its sleeve, it’s a one-of-a-kind venue for a one-of-a-kind wedding.

A groom in a grey suit and pink tie stands in a patio buttoning his suit jacket A bride sits in a luxury antique white convertible while her groom leans against the door Newlyweds lean in close touching foreheads while sitting in a convertable A groom in a grey suit holds his bride close and leans in to kiss her while they stand in a patio against a white car A bride stands in an embroidered dress holding colorful rose bouquet in a large garden under a floral arch A groom kisses the shoulder of his bride in a garden under a colorful floral arch Details of a table setting with pink plate and linen and colorful florals

About The Iron Manor Wedding Venue

While Iron Manor and its signature event space, Crane Hall, have over a century of history here in Montgomery, its story is rather unusual. Crane Hall was originally built for the Pure Oil Company over 120 years ago in 1903. It featured steel beams manufactured by the classic American company Carnegie Steel. These beams are now historic features, each branded with the famed Carnegie Steel Co. seal. 

In 2015, the skeleton of Crane Hall was preserved and removed, and in 2018, it relocated to its current location. Iron Manor broke ground shortly after that, and over the following two and a half years, it became the incredible venue space it is today. It was a true labor of love, featuring collaborations of engineers, architects, industrial artists, and many other artisans nationwide. 

Today, it hosts some of Houston’s most exquisite events that look like something straight out of a fairy tale. The balance of rustic castle-chic blended with the industrial history of its signature beams makes it a truly unique venue fit for an exceptional couple. 

A bride twirls and looks down at her train while standing in a gravel path by a garden fountain A bride in a velour dress looks over her shoulder while holding her bouquet of roses and standing in a garden path A bride in a beige dress twirls in a garden yard A bride carries her large train while walking through a grassy field in a garden A bride stands on a patio holding her large pink and white bouquet A bride stands in a garden holding a large pink and white rose bouquet and wearing a velour dress

Details of the Grounds

It may be hard to believe, but one of the most exquisite spaces in Iron Manor is actually the bridal suite. This luxurious retreat has beautiful exposed brick walls and plenty of vanity space for everyone to prepare for the main event. Part of the bridal suite is an incredible glass-ceilinged conservatory, a circular space with arched alcoves of chevron-patterned weathered brick perfect for a hanging dress shot. An ornate chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and a full-length mirror is ideal for full-body portraits. It’s a lovely space for a first look with family members or your partner. 

Your ceremony will occur in the spectacular Iron Chapel, a stately space with tall, vaulted ceilings. The walls feature more exposed brick and stone, a beautiful contrast to the towering steel beams reminiscent of the building’s historic past. You and your partner will exchange vows in front of a tall, arched window overlooking some of the property’s beautiful green space and trees. Furthermore, you can adorn the altar with an archway or a cross and plenty of your signature florals to bring your unique touch to the space.  

A bride raises her hand in a blue glove as she sits in a pink couch A bride sees herself in her dress in a large ornate mirror in the getting ready room A bride looks down her shoulder while wearing blue gloves and sitting on a bench in a garden A bride plays with her veil while wearing blue gloves while sitting on a pink couch surrounded by flowers A bride smiles down her shoulder while sitting on a pink couch surrounded by flowers and candles

The Reception & More

Following the ceremony, your guests (up to 350) can enjoy a cocktail hour in the outdoor courtyard before heading into your reception in the stunning Crane Hall. Similarly to Iron Chapel, Crane Hall features more exposed brick and steelwork, giving off a modern-industrial-meets-old-world-castle vibe. On one side of the room is a spectacular bar serving your guests drinks all night. There is plenty of space for your guests to dine, dance, and mingle. Additionally, there is an adjacent 600-foot lounge space perfect for continuing conversation over a cocktail. 

The possibilities for floor plans are endless in Crane Hall. A magnificent set of wooden doors makes a gorgeous backdrop for a sweetheart or head table. In front of the doors is a beautiful hanging trellis, perfect for draping with florals and greenery for an extra opulent look. The rest of the room also features elegant crystal chandeliers and other glamorous touches. These touches make the space feel like a castle ballroom – with a few contemporary twists. 

A groom stands under an arch decorated with lots of flowers holding his bride close under a chandelier Details of a blue couch and chairs set in a lobby by a wooden decorated wall for a wedding Details of a wedding reception table set up underneath floating tulips around chandeliers Details of a blue wedding reception table with silver chairs in front of a large wooden door under a large chandelier dressed with hanging tulips and chandeliers A groom in a blue suit sits at a wedding reception table with silver chairs and blue linens with his bride standing behind him with a hand on his shoulder A groom stands in a window of a brick room in a blue suit with a hand in his pocket A bride holds her bouquet while standing in a brick room with large white roses

Photography Opportunities

Iron Manor is practically a wedding photographer’s dream. Beginning with the glass-ceilinged conservatory in the bridal suite, we’ll take many stunning individual and party shots of you and your favorite people. The bright light is also perfect for must-have flat-lay shots that capture your wedding day’s small details. 

If you choose to do a first look, we can host it in the gardens or indoors in the Iron Chapel or Crane Hall before your guests arrive. The gardens and courtyard are exquisite photo backdrops with elegant fountains and water features. The courtyard boasts tall brick walls with beautiful archways, which are great for dramatic and romantic pictures. 

Between all of the bright light and the thoughtful detailing and design that has gone into Iron Manor, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll adore every photo in your wedding album. 

A groom in a black tuxedo leads his bride down an aisle lined with flowers in their wedding ceremony location at the iron manor wedding A bride in a white lace dress walks down the empty aisle of her outdoor iron manor wedding ceremony location with tall brick arches Newlyweds lean in for a kiss under a brick arch in the outdoor wedding ceremony location at iron manor wedding Details of an outdoor reception set up with a gold arch holding a large floating floral centerpiece at an iron manor wedding Newlyweds embrace nose to nose while leaning against a brick wall at the iron manor wedding venue Newlyweds kiss while standing against a light brick wall with flowers in the window in a black suit and a white lace dress at the iron manor wedding venue A groom in a black tuxedo leads his bride in a lace dress by the hand around a brick wall at the iron manor wedding venue A groom in a black tuxedo and floral boutonniere stands in front of a brick wall holding his lapels and looking over his shoulders A bride in a white lace dress stands in the sun on a patio while holding a finger under her chin and her bouquet in the other hand at a iron manor wedding

Wedding Details

Iron Manor is owned by Walters Wedding Estates, a company known for its luxury venues and comprehensive wedding services. As such, a wedding at this venue can be as inclusive as you want. You can choose from three levels of packages – Essential, Exceptional, and Elite – with your catering, beverages, and special touches. 

Firstly, The Essential Package includes everything you’ll need for a wonderful Iron Manor wedding. This includes amenities like:

  • planning services,
  • table linens,
  • DJ services,
  • your china, glassware and silverware, and
  • a buffet dinner. 

A bride in an embroidered dress sits in a chair at a reception table with her husband in a beige suit standing standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder at an iron manor wedding Details of a wedding reception table set up for eight with tall candles and white roses at the iron manor wedding Details of a couch and antique chairs set in a large wooden doorway in a brick room with large floral arrangements at the iron manor wedding venue A three tier wedding cake sits on a table surrounded by pink and white roses at the iron manor wedding venue A bride stands holding her large bouquet A groom checks his watch in a beige suit and pink tie in a window before his iron manor wedding Newlyweds stand in a large window as the groom in a beige suit kisses his bride on the forehead at the iron manor wedding venue

Secondly, The Exceptional Package includes upgrades like a plated option for your meal, appetizers, an upgraded bar selection, and even your wedding cake. It also includes custom-designed stationery, a floral package, and everything included in the Essential Package. 

A groom in a grey suit walks his bride down a gravel path in a garden away from a rose covered pergola at the iron manor wedding venue  A bride stands in a embroidered dress holding her pink and red bouquet looking down her shoulder at an iron manor wedding A groom stands under a wall of roses with his bride leaning onto him with her hand on his chest and her train spread over the gravel path at the iron manor wedding venue

Thirdly, if you want the finest event possible, their Elite package includes extra special details to make your wedding an even more incredible event. In addition to all of the features of the Essential and the Exceptional Package, you’ll also have:

  • a Champagne toast,
  • colored uplighting,
  • a late-night snack,
  • a photo booth, and
  • a luxury vehicle for when you exit at the end of the night. 

Newlyweds lean in for a kiss in the wedding chapel at an iron manor wedding A bride and groom walk hand in hand through a rose garden at an iron manor wedding as the groom in a grey suit holds the bouquet A groom dips and kisses his bride in a white lace dress in the iron manor wedding venue rose garden A groom in a grey suit kisses the shoulder of his bride as she leans on a silver Rolls Royce in the driveway of the iron manor wedding venue Newlyweds sit behind a silver antique car in the iron manor wedding venue driveway surrounded by red roses

Iron Manor Wedding

In conclusion, an Iron Manor wedding is an exquisite event with elegance, style, and plenty of storybook charm. It would be my honor to photograph your wedding and help you capture every perfect moment of this incredible day. If you like my style as much as I like yours (and if you’re considering an Iron Manor wedding, I LOVE yours), reach out so we can get your wedding on my calendar!

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