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The Exquisite Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding Venue in Atlanta!

Atlanta has some pretty spectacular history. While some things are lost to time over the years, there are still some amazing pieces of Atlanta’s story that have been preserved for us to enjoy decades later. The Biltmore Ballrooms wedding venue is one of those incredible historic places that has been thoughtfully restored to its former glory right in the heart of this amazing city.

Today, it is home to the Biltmore Ballrooms. Two exquisite spaces perfect for hosting weddings and events full of drama, opulence, and grandeur. If those three words describe your dream wedding, you just may want to consider this for your big day!

A groom in a white suit kisses kis bride's hand while sitting on the altar of their ceremony Biltmore Ballrooms WeddingDetails of an ornate wedding reception venue with chandeliers Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

About The Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding Venue

The Biltmore Hotel was built in 1924 and quickly became the hub of Atlanta’s business and social network. Designed by the same architect firm that designed the legendary Waldorf-Astoria in New York, the 11-story Biltmore once hosted some of the world’s most glamorous galas, weddings, and high society gatherings, as well as serving famous clientele such as William Randolph Hearst, Presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower, Bob Hope, Betty Davis, Charles Lindbergh, and Vivien Leigh. Its iconic radio towers were added in 1925 when WSB Radio found its home at the Biltmore. They’ve stayed ever since. 

    Newlyweds sit under a large crystal chandelier in their reception venue at Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding Details of a wedding reception table with large white flower centerpiece            Newlyweds walk down the front porch holding hands at the Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding venue   

After almost 60 years of hosting some of the world’s most notable figures and events, the Biltmore eventually changed ownership. This led to a steady decline. In 1982, it closed its doors and sat empty through nearly sixteen years of neglect and abandonment. In 1999, however, the Biltmore underwent a total renovation, restoring the hotel to its former glory. Now officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Biltmore Hotel has been transformed into premium office, retail, and event spaces, recapturing its standing as one of the social and business epicenters of Atlanta. 


Their two magnificent ballrooms, the Georgian and the Imperial, feature glamorous architectural details like Palladian windows, Tennessee marble floors, and the original handcrafted plaster relief ceiling. The spaces are managed by Novare Events, a team of seasoned event professionals who have facilitated some of Atlanta’s most high-profile events, and they’ll help you bring your incredible dream wedding to life at the Biltmore Hotel, too. 

Details of the Grounds

The Biltmore Hotel is home to two of the most extraordinary and extravagant ballroom spaces in Atlanta. With enough room to accommodate up to 1500 guests – yes, 1500! – there are plenty of ways to totally transform each space into the unique wedding of your dreams. 

A bride fans herself while sitting in the back of a limo holding her large white bouquetNewlyweds look over their shoulder while holding hands walking on the columned porch of the Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding venue

Both ballrooms feature spectacular hardwood floors and majestic Palladian windows that let floods of natural light come streaming into the space. The ceilings are absolutely exquisite, with hand-carved plaster detailing that looks like something out of an antique European palace. Both spaces also have stately columns and arches that line the center of the room for an added touch of elegance and character. 

Newlyweds lean against an antique limo in front of the Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding venueA vintage white Bentley sits on a driveway lined with roses

The Biltmore Ballrooms truly feel like a space where a royal wedding could be held with all of its elegant detailing and unique architectural features. While the space doesn’t need much additional decor (if any) to feel like a luxury wedding space, you can absolutely go all out with flowers, greenery, drapery, and lighting for an even more glamorous transformation that is worthy of royalty but customized just for you. 

Newlyweds celebrate and dance in the middle of the dance floor at their Biltmore Ballrooms WeddingA bride and her guests dance with light sticks on the dance floorDancers in all black perform on the dance floor of a Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

If you decide to have both your ceremony and reception at Biltmore Ballrooms, you have two options for setup. You can either use one ballroom for your ceremony and one for the reception, or you can reserve one ballroom and flip the space in between (but that option is only available for Friday and Sunday weddings.) 

A bench surrounded by flower arches and candles sits on a platform Newlyweds sit on a couch surrounded by white flowers at their wedding reception Details of a crystal chandelier and wedding reception setup at a Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding 

Each ballroom has its own salon area where you can get ready, though a lot of couples will choose to prepare for the day offsite and then save the final details of putting on a wedding dress for dramatic photos in the ballroom corridor. Both ballrooms also have a private catering kitchen, a separate entrance, and restrooms. 

Photography Opportunities

If you’re looking for a venue to bring drama to your wedding album, then Biltmore Ballrooms may just be the perfect place for you. The front of the Biltmore Ballrooms wedding venue has beautiful columns and a stately door. All reminiscent of the era in which it was originally built. Which makes a perfect backdrop for photos of you, your partner, and your wedding parties.

A few steps further out from the entrance lives a charming courtyard, complete with manicured hedges, romantic flower beds, and paved paths. There’s also a simple bench amidst the greenery that is ideal for intimate portraits of you and your partner curled up together—surrounded by a small space of beautiful gardens amidst the grandeur of the Biltmore Hotel and the bustle of the city. 

Newlyweds walk down the marble front porch of Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding venueNewlyweds kiss while hiding under the long veil

Beyond the columns and arches in each ballroom is a simple corridor of windows that let in beautiful natural light. This is the perfect spot for portraits of you and your partner, pictures of your gown, and maybe even a few last-minute detail shots before you walk down the aisle. 

Then, before the party really begins, we’ll make sure to get some couple photos in your reception space. Because how can you not want to capture every elegant detail and use it as a backdrop? After all, your wedding will be the ultimate reflection of you. So let’s make sure we capture the two of you thriving in the incredible space that you’ve brought to life! 

Wedding Details

Hosting your wedding at the Biltmore Ballrooms comes with some pretty great perks. Including the freedom to choose your caterer from a list of 11 amazing vendors! They offer some of the best food and service in Atlanta. If you use their preferred caterer, Bold American Events, you could save money on your Biltmore Ballroom rental fee! Novare Events provides all beverage services, including barware, glassware, and staffing. So that’s one more thing to cross off of your list! 

Details of a reception table with white roses and gold utensils Details of a wedding reception table covered in white rosesNewlyweds cut their four tier cake with a long katana sword at their Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding 

The Biltmore Ballrooms will also provide you with tables and antique gold Chiavari chairs, Ivory Tufted lounge furniture, and drapery. They do not provide table linens, napkins, decor, A/V equipment, or uplighting, however. So you’ll need to account for renting those from an outside vendor, should you need them. 

Newlyweds dance and celebrate with their guests on the dance floorNewlyweds dance on while surrounded by guests at their weddingThe guests of a wedding dance and celebrate behind the bride and groom under a large crystal chandelier at a Biltmore Ballrooms WeddingNewlyweds dance to drummers at their Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding

The Biltmore Ballrooms wedding venue is an exceptional place to host a wedding that is full of grandeur, drama, and elegance. After all, it’s your wedding day, so you should feel like royalty as you are honored all day long! 

Choosing a venue is a huge step in the wedding prep process! Now it’s time to find a photographer! I love helping couples capture the emotion of their special day in pictures. Just how you remembered it. So reach out today to chat about your dream wedding photos.

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