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String lights over the reception at the foundry at puritan mill wedding

Wedding Venues

Unique & Customizable Foundry At Puritan Mill Wedding Venue

December 3, 2022

Renovated historic buildings make excellent backdrops for modern industrial chic weddings. The Foundry at Puritan Mill, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a popular event space that is spacious enough to be suitable for weddings of all sizes. This converted manufacturing building contains ample room for couples to design the wedding of their dreams. With historical details, industrial character, and plenty of elegant and modern features, The Foundry at Puritan Mill is a stunning wedding venue in Atlanta’s Westside area. 

groomsmen cheering on the groom at his foundry at puritan mill wedding

About Foundry At Puritan Mill

916 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, The Foundry at Puritan Mill was built in 1921 and operated by the Puritan Chemical Company. At The Foundry, Puritan soap and other cleaning products were manufactured and stored until they were ready to be shipped on the neighboring Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. 

The Foundry at Puritan Mill served as Atlanta headquarters for the Puritan Chemical Company until 1996. Shortly after it ceased operations, the location was purchased by Urban Realty Partners and Weaver & Woodbery Company. These companies restored the building and converted it into a mixed-use facility. 

This spacious building has many remnants of its historical past, from pine beams to concrete floors. With an ambiance of industrial elegance, The Foundry at Puritan Mill is a popular wedding venue for couples in the Atlanta area. 

bride and groom after sharing their first kiss

Details of the Grounds

The Foundry at Puritan Mill is 12,000 square feet of renovated industrial space. This dramatic, flexible building features original pine beams, expansive skylights, and polished concrete floors. The combination of modern amenities and historical character allows this unique event space to celebrate its industrial past while catering to the lively people of Atlanta’s bustling Westside. The spacious interior transforms to cater to weddings of all types and sizes. 

This 12,000-square-foot event space is suitable for weddings of all sizes. The room can be configured in multiple ways to allow for different capacities. Depending on the tables and chairs, bar, dance floor, and AV installations chosen. But all events can host anywhere from 100 to 1200 guests. The exposed beams also allow the drapery to hang almost anywhere in the space.

This can add separation and more beautiful elements to customize your day the way you dream it. Maybe you use it to separate a small seating and relaxing area for those who do not want to dance. Or, for a more practical use, hide the buffet from the main reception room. These white drapes will also light up nicely if the lighting is included in your package. Change the mood of the room with light to match your design.

bride and groom exiting their ceremony at their foundry at puritan mill wedding

The Foundry at Puritan Mill features tall ceilings with exposed beams and oversized windows that let in plenty of natural light. You will also find elegant drapery, brick walls, polished concrete floors, an expansive open floor plan, unique hanging chandeliers, and a beautiful outdoor area with hanging string lights and chairs. 

The venue can hold up to 1200 guests for a reception, 800 guests for a seated dinner, 650 guests for a theater-style event, and 350 guests for a ceremony and reception. 

The Foundry at Puritan Mill also has an outdoor Urban Garden area with seating and hanging string lights. 

table decor at an Atlanta wedding

Photography Opportunities

The open floor plan of The Foundry at Puritan Mill allows the space to be converted into many different styles of events. From the reception to cocktail hour to seated receptions, this venue features many elements that illustrate its industrial past and highlight the building’s renovations and modern touches. 

The large windows and open space allow plenty of natural light to flood the room during the day. In addition, elegant ceiling light fixtures cast a romantic glow on the event space at night. String lights and sheer drapery also add to the elegant ambiance. 

The venue also features an outdoor garden area perfect for wedding portraits. This space features hanging cafe lighting, trees, and patio chairs. 

table decor at a foundry at puritan mill wedding

Wedding Details

The Foundry at Puritan Mill’s rental rates include tables and chairs, two 80-foot lengths of sheer drapery (for dividing the space), and a 250-car parking lot. The rental fee includes free self-parking and valet parking for an additional charge. 

Novare Events is the Foundry’s premier catering coordinator, providing full beverage service, barware, glassware, and staffing. Novare Events partners with the best vendors in Atlanta to give couples excellent caterers and decor companies. The venue’s preferred vendor list includes only the area’s most trustworthy and sought-after vendors. 

reception venue at the foundry at puritan mill wedding

The rental fee includes round tables, farm tables, chairs, and access to the Urban Garden. Rental prices are for 4-hour events plus 4 hours of support time. 

The exterior of the building also offers a few photo spots to choose from. Much of the exterior brick has a light grey background that complements the interior natural brick with a modern rustic feel. Some of the walls also feature steel siding and concrete to give you a new look to your album. Additionally, looking around, you can find some original wood doors to frame a kiss or embrace. But do not stop when the sun goes down. The porch string lights also create an intimate frame for a magical moment under the stars.

Foundry At Puritan Mill

The Foundry at Puritan Mill is a unique, flexible event space in Atlanta’s Westside area. It is an elegant location to host a small or large wedding. From excellent vendors to ample amenities, historic charm, captivating industrial character, and expansive floor plans, The Foundry at Puritan Mill is a highly-customizable venue suitable for weddings big or small. The building’s rich history and modern renovations make it a gorgeous location to host a dream wedding with an industrial ambiance. 

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