Is the First Look Wedding Tradition Right For Your Day?

A groom smiles big as he sees his bride in her dress in a white room in front of a window

Weddings are an inherently traditional occasion. Whether wearing a white dress, tossing a bouquet, or sharing a special dance with a parent, weddings are riddled with traditions. Today, however, more and more couples pick and choose the traditions they honor at their wedding. Maybe one feels particularly outdated or doesn’t serve the couple’s desires. Or […]

Wedding Planner VS Coordinator – Who is Right for YOUR Day?

There are so many details and decisions that go into planning a wedding. While the fun stuff like vision boards and color palettes can be fun and exciting at first, eventually, other details start knocking on the door, most of them relating to the un-fun and all-encompassing budget. If you’re not much of a planner, […]

How to Plan The Optimal Wedding Photography Timeline!

When it comes to organizing your wedding timeline, you may be surprised to learn that a lot of your schedule will revolve around photography! This ensures that there’s plenty of time to capture every detail, every family photo, and all the Golden Hour photos your heart desires. A great wedding photography timeline takes into account […]

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