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Today, elopements are romantic, intimate, and full of authenticity and heart. There are plenty of fabulous places to elope in Atlanta, but few are more beautiful and representative of the city than Piedmont Park. If you’re thinking about a Piedmont Park elopement, keep reading to learn all you need to know about saying “I do” in this fantastic park!

Logistics for A Piedmont Park Elopement

Where to Get Married at Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park has over 200 acres of green space right in the heart of Atlanta, so plenty of places are perfect for quiet elopement. (Remember that it is a public park, so busier, more popular areas may have more people around. Picking an earlier time on a weekday means you’re less likely to be battling crowds, though it’s not a given!)
One of the most popular elopement sites in Piedmont Park is the Skyline Picture Point, which truly gives you the best of everything the park offers. A curved lookout with a sturdy railing, the space looks out over the beautiful lake and a picturesque view of the Atlanta skyline. Surrounded by trees and reflections of the beautiful view bouncing off the water, it’s a spectacular place to elope with the love of your life.
Clara Meer Gazebo practically floats on Lake Clara Meer, with ornate columns and views of the beautiful lake. With just enough room for an intimate elopement, it’s a stunning option for saying “I do.” 

Oak Hill is a sweeping hillside with a lush green lawn surrounded by beautiful oak trees that frame a spectacular view of the Atlanta skyline. Reading Circle is a lovely circle of rocks (perfect for sitting and reading a book) that creates a lovely space for a ceremony under the shade of nearby trees. 

Plenty of hidden spots are equally picturesque and may have important meaning to you and your partner. Get creative with where you can envision yourselves exchanging vows; we’ll take pictures everywhere else. 

Elopement Locations Within Piedmont Park

Even though eloping means a smaller guest list and perhaps a more simplistic ceremony and celebration, it’s still your wedding. Having pictures of your elopement to look back on for the rest of your lives and share with the important people in your lives is something you’ll never regret. Trust your elopement photos to me, and I promise to capture every detail and moment, telling your story in images that feel authentically and beautifully you.

I’ve created different packages for couples seeking elopement, intimate weddings, traditional weddings, or wedding event weekends. Investment begins at $3,000.

I’m always happy to help you with payment plans, extra hours, a second photographer, or other add-ons to enhance your wedding day!

Piedmont Park Elopement

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