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What's included in this guide?

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-Clare Carlson

but she was a joy to work with! As the mother of the bride trying to plan a wedding during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, we navigated through various scenarios of how we could make this event happen and Kim amazed me with her flexibility and patience."

Kim not only created the most beautiful portraits of my daughter's wedding,

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-Anna and Andy

She traveled with us to Hawaii, scouted our hotel and the beach where we said our vows, and completely handled the permit process for photographing in Hawaii. Not only is she the nicest person, but her pictures are amazing. I’m pretty picky with professional photos and I loved every single picture Kim took for us. I highly recommend using her as a wedding photographer.

Kim was easily the best vendor we worked with for our wedding.

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-Ian and Aly

Everything from our initial meeting to our incredible sunrise engagement session to the wedding, everything was perfect! She knows all the best spots for the most perfect photos!”

Kim is the absolute best photographer out there!!

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Kind Words


Atlanta wedding photographer

Some call me an old soul — maybe because I’ve shared a connection with my grandmother from an early age. I’ve carried her love of photography, florals, and family into my career as an Atlanta wedding photographer.

My passion is finding the emotion in a photo: that organic moment of surprise, delight, or pure devotion between you and your partner. Whatever your wedding day looks like, I’m here to capture it exactly as you’ve dreamed.

If you do, too, we’ll be fast friends.


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