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Congratulations - you’re ready to propose!!! How do you feel? Nervous? Excited? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Don’t know the best places to propose in Atlanta? All of the above? Don’t worry! I’m here to help. 

If you live in the Atlanta area, I’ve created this guide about the Best Places to Propose in Atlanta. I’ll give you some suggestions of some of my favorite picture-perfect places to pop the question, as well as some insight as to how to plan your grand proposal. So what are you waiting for?? Let’s get planning! 

How to Propose in Atlanta

In order to make surprising your future fiancée as seamless as possible, you may want to consider a few different proposal ideas. Here are a few that work well: 

Photoshoot: Tell your partner you’ve scheduled a photo shoot for the two of you in a beautiful location. It just so happens to be at one of the best places to propose in Atlanta. If that’s suspicious behavior on your part, tell them you entered a giveaway or a contest and won, and you wanted to surprise them. They’ll have a great excuse to get camera-ready, and your engagement photographer won’t have to be hiding in the bushes to get pictures; they’ll have the best seat in the house to capture every moment as clear as day. 

Event With Friends and Family: This is a perfect excuse, especially if you or your partner has family nearby. Maybe you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or another special occasion. It’s a great opportunity to have your partner dress up a bit. Then, you can take a brief detour to your proposal site, pop the question, and then head off to celebrate with friends and family right afterward! There’s nothing like being able to share the joy and adrenaline rush of getting engaged with the people you love best. 

Romantic Date: An intimate date night is the perfect reason to dress up and sneak off somewhere romantic. Your partner will be dressed to impress, and you’ll have the freedom to surprise them with the location of your choice. Other than that, the evening is totally up to you! You can also still choose to enjoy a romantic dinner after you propose, toasting to your engagement with a glass of Champagne and a little something indulgent for dessert. 

Once you have your plan in place, your photographer booked, and your fiancée dressed to the nines, there’s nothing left to do but pop the question! You can do it!! 

Proposal Ideas

Five Best Places to Propose in Atlanta

Proposing is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s the story that you and your partner will be retelling for the rest of your lives. At the moment, however, it all goes so fast. Your hearts are pounding, your mind is racing, and there may even be tears in your eyes. That’s why having a photographer who can capture this important moment in your love story is so necessary; you’ll want to relive your proposal over and over again with beautiful pictures that capture you both in this exciting moment in time. 

As a hopeless romantic who has helped so many couples capture their love story in photos. I love being able to find emotion in a photo. Whichever emotion it may be, my keen eye for human connection and attention to detail are what make me a fantastic option as your proposal photographer. I promise your photos will become treasured memories, and you’ll be so grateful you have them to share and enjoy for the entirety of your love story.
I’ve created different packages for couples seeking elopement, intimate weddings, traditional weddings, or wedding event weekends. Investment begins at $3,000.

I’m always happy to help you with payment plans, extra hours, a second photographer, or other add-ons to enhance your wedding day!

Atlanta Proposal Photographer

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Some call me an old soul — maybe because I’ve shared a connection with my grandmother from an early age. I’ve carried her love of photography, florals, and family into my career as an Atlanta wedding photographer.

My passion is finding the emotion in a photo: that organic moment of surprise, delight, or pure devotion between you and your partner. Whatever your wedding day looks like, I’m here to capture it exactly as you’ve dreamed.

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