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While we have the pandemic to thank for the surge in popularity of Atlanta Micro Weddings, Minimonies, and elopements, I’m happy to say that smaller, more intimate weddings are a trend that is here to stay! Couples are finally finding freedom in planning weddings for more conservative guest lists. In turn, they have the freedom to budget accordingly. Or go all out on priorities with money they’ve saved from entertaining an extra hundred people! 

Micro Weddings are typically weddings for under 50 people, typically the couple’s closest friends and family. But while smaller in attendees, Micro Weddings are often no less grand and indulgent - not necessarily, at least. Plus, with Micro Weddings, you often have the flexibility to host your wedding in a more unique venue or space since you’ll need to accommodate fewer people. 

I’ve created different packages for couples seeking elopement, intimate weddings, traditional weddings, or wedding event weekends. Investment begins at $3,000.

I’m always happy to help you with payment plans, extra hours, a second photographer, or other add-ons to enhance your wedding day!

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Some call me an old soul — maybe because I’ve shared a connection with my grandmother from an early age. I’ve carried her love of photography, florals, and family into my career as an Atlanta wedding photographer.

My passion is finding the emotion in a photo: that organic moment of surprise, delight, or pure devotion between you and your partner. Whatever your wedding day looks like, I’m here to capture it exactly as you’ve dreamed.

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This guide will help you feel confident in your decision and investment when booking your dream wedding photographer by knowing what questions you should be asking to make sure your memories are beautifully preserved.

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